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Youth Behavior Modification


Most communities, including your own, have serious problems with gangs.  There are many types of gangs, and no matter what kind of community you live in; gangs are trouble.  They cause fear, destroy property, threaten and hurt innocent people and drive out businesses.  Gangs are usually formed along ethnic or socioeconomic boundaries. A criminal street gang is three or more people who form an allegiance for a common purpose, use a common identify sign or symbol, and engage in violent, unlawful, or criminal activity.


For the purposes of this program, “gangs” are referred to as “groups” to prevent focusing on the stereotypes and to incorporate all at-risk youth who are involved in “group” behavior.


This evidence-based curriculum is designed to assist in group behavior modification by providing the knowledge and understanding of group mentality and behavior. The basic reasons for getting involved in group behavior are explored and we empower one to take charge of their life by addressing the issue of at-risk (gang) involvement but also encourage them to engage in self-evaluation, which allows them to see how their actions affect themselves and the world around them.


Discussion Topics:


  • Journey / Short Term goals            

  • Emotional Cycle                             

  • Triggers / Perception                     

  • High-Risk Behavior                       

  • Skills for success                        

  • Escalation (identification intervention)                                 

  • Crisis                                          

  • Consequences                            

  • Choice and Goals    

  • Motivation and Behavior             

  • Living in Crisis

  • Long Term Goals                          

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